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Best Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed -638838426828884697

Mayan Jungle and Floating Paradise
Seed: -638838426828884697
Posted by RazorSharp1296

This seed spawns you in a HUGE Jungle biome with a river right in front of a Jungle Temple (spawn coordinates vary by a...

Minecraft Seed sand

This seed has a HUGE desert
Seed: sand
Posted by CuddlyCactus

This seed has a huge desert directly south of your spawn.

Minecraft Seed Jibed 3454

Seed: Jibed 3454
Posted by Teeny burrito0

Big tree house and a cave with diamonds in it a strong hold next to a skeleton mob spawner.

Minecraft Seed 55555ro

Largest Redwood Forest EVER
Seed: 55555ro
Posted by sawfist

This seed spawns you in a large redwood forest in 1.0. There is a nearby desert and mountain, so you'll be diggin' up...

Minecraft Seed ocelot

Seed: ocelot
Posted by greywolf3

This spawns you in the middle of a huge jungle!

Minecraft Seed 48736324623535237

Seed: 48736324623535237
Posted by garedy

The castle world

Minecraft Seed givemecookies

Seed: givemecookies

You spawn in an npc village's garden!

Minecraft Seed 1413205526

Epic Rollercoaster Village
Seed: 1413205526
Posted by Wolfy

An epic village either with an automatic rollercoaster or an empty space around the village perfect for building a...

Minecraft Seed heros luckiness

the best hero seed yet!
Seed: heros luckiness
Posted by Ninja0_o

If you want lots of biomes, this is definitley a seed for you. There's a desert, extreme hills, forest and snow all...