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Most Recent Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed -1218440415826553384

Sandy islands with ocean monument!
Seed: -1218440415826553384
Posted by MegaNikiGaming

DISCLAIMER: This seed needs large biomes on! This archipelago is made mostly of sand and works in 1.12 and over.

Minecraft Seed 2943350944173856326

Warm Ocean (1.13 Snapshot)
Seed: 2943350944173856326
Posted by Glllow

Use in Minecraft 18w11a This seed contains a warm ocean biome at coordinates: X-325 Y-47 Z-1169

Minecraft Seed -1166659617

Ice Flowers
Seed: -1166659617
Posted by zabalaj

You're spawned either at or near a Flower Forest, and across the forest is a rather impressive Ice Spikes Biome! 1.12.

Most Viewed Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed -638838426828884697

Mayan Jungle and Floating Paradise
Seed: -638838426828884697
Posted by RazorSharp1296

This seed spawns you in a HUGE Jungle biome with a river right in front of a Jungle Temple (spawn coordinates vary by a...

Minecraft Seed sand

This seed has a HUGE desert
Seed: sand
Posted by CuddlyCactus

This seed has a huge desert directly south of your spawn.

Minecraft Seed 1413205526

Epic Rollercoaster Village
Seed: 1413205526
Posted by Wolfy

An epic village either with an automatic rollercoaster or an empty space around the village perfect for building a...