June 24, 2013
Posted by: Zack2446

Minecraft Seed: -3713462809477684438

At x:112 y:68 z:330, there is a desert village with only a blacksmith, farm, and a well. The blacksmith has 1 iron helm, an iron sword, 2 bread, and 2 gold

At x:106 y:64 z:330, there is a desert temple with 5 gold, 34 bones, and 10 rotten flesh

At x:-197 y:80 z:805 there is a jungle temple with 26 gold, 4 iron, and 4 bones, combo is up, down, up

At x:-827 y:33 z:662, you’ll find a chest right near the portal with 1 ender pearl and 3 apples.

At x:-834 y:34 z:645, there is another chest with an iron breastplate and boots

At x:-826 y:18 z:612, there is a dual mob spawner connected to the stronghold! It is a spider and a skeleton dungeon, the spider dungeon contains the following:
 1 bread, 2 iron, a saddle, 2 string, 3 redstone, and a bucket. The skeleton dungeon contains the following:
 2 enchanted books (Power II, Fortune II), 4 buckets, 2 saddles, a piece of bread, and 4 pieces of gunpowder!