White Hills

White Hills

September 9, 2022

Minecraft Seed: 56545468741

Check out this seed! Featuring a gorgeous mix of snowy mountains, waterfalls, green fields and forests that stretch further than the eye can see.

A big village dropping down from the mountain top surrounded with a nether portal nearby surrounded by countless caves and valleys that are filled with all the materials you will ever need.

With the spawn point being just at the edge of the biome, the village located at only 600 blocks away (coordinates below) and a cave straight down to Y -60 at a distance of less than 50 blocks, it makes for a perfect location to begin with and even more so to settle down.

I have tried to capture the views the best I could


Village – X: 100 , Y: 130 , Z: -500
Dripstone – X: -100 , Y: 100 , Z: -250
Cave- X: 140 , Y: 130 , Z: -500 (by the village, one of many)
Valley – X: -100 , Y: 130 , Z: -500 (near the village, one of many with lots of surface deposits)