West of Mania

West of Mania

April 16, 2021
Posted by: FairyPawn

Minecraft Seed: -8072553149432190467

I started a new world after clearing my old ones for a fresh start. I spawned near a huge village with a giant fragmented nether portal with gold and mossy blocks. I do not care if this I am the one of many or not but this is an amazing discovery that had to be shared.

-Giant Nether Portal (right outside village)
-Medium-sized Village (10+ buildings, estimate may be inaccurate due to excitement)
-Handful of Haybales
-Beehive (2 bees) near Village

My biggest reason for sharing this is the possible contribution to lore. I never seen a nether portal spawn next to a village or be so big. To those that may not understand, this was naturally generated the moment i was spawned in. tbh, i though it would be ruins of something else. If I knew in the first place, I would not even have the stuff in my inventory and backup the world first hand.