The Expansive Desert

The Expansive Desert

July 3, 2020
Posted by: DerekSturm263

Minecraft Seed: 4733788879408121132

You will spawn in a Plains biome, and by travelling to the coordinates (224, ~, 64) you will find a desert village that borders a Savanahh biome. This village has 3 blacksmiths, and a desert temple inside one of the houses.

If your render distance is high enough you should be able to see a well from the village, if you go to the well, then you can see another village at (368, ~, -176) with 1 blacksmith.

From this village, you can see another well, and by going to that well and travelling around for a bit, you can find another village.

This third village is at (592, ~, -320) and is on the water.

Each village has a substantial amount of hay and the first village has a huge Mineshaft under it. If you don’t mind exploring for a bit, you can find a second desert temple at (592, ~, 48).

Finally, at (484, ~, 288) there is another village.