Structures Galore

Structures Galore

June 24, 2020
Posted by: AMOE

Minecraft Seed: 3562011352150227537

Starting off, you’re in a plains biome, and see the edge of a desert/savanah crossover across a river. Pretty decent.

Now, this being for 1.16, it slaps you with a broken portal structure right within your field of vision. There’s enough obsidian blocks to rebuild it once you have a diamond pickaxe, and no insane amount of lava to deter you from reaching it. Chest also contains flint and steal for your usage once you repair the portal 😀

Little forest to the left, cross through that and you’ll reach a plains biome that hide a village with a few beehive trees nearby (one IN the village)

Even better, you see in the distance, just enough away from the plains (vanilla) village, there’s a desert village… that’s abandoned, with quite a few chests and zombie villagers in there, but most are going to just fall in cobweb pitfalls, not even being a threat to your exploration.

Nearby this ‘double village’ is a desert well, classic structure, but in the distance, when you reach the far end of the abandoned desert village, you can spot two more structures… a Desert Temple and a Pillager Outpost tower!

If you’re brave enough to adventure all the way up, at 18 chunks render distance, you can barely see a house in the distance… a Savannah village!

From there, there’s a fairly tall hill overlooking the village, which gives a good view of it… an impressive mountain… and across the hill, a regular desert village, if the living is more your style.

This is sadly where the ‘trail’ of structures go cold, but that should be more than enough to get you started with just about whatever you might want to be doing here. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a mineshaft near that last village that could lead you to something else!

If none of that is your cup of tea however, you can just turn away from the portal structure at spawn and find the ocean, with turtles spawning at the beach and coral lighting up at night. Maybe you’ll find what you seek beyond the horizon, just need to explore.

Note; I didn’t check the nether yet, which is the whole point of 1.16, but I just had to share it with others immediately! Also, it might just make you want to try out this seed for yourself! Enjoy!