Snowy Taiga/Tundra with Three Villages

Snowy Taiga/Tundra with Three Villages

July 11, 2020
Posted by: Ucatsuton

Minecraft Seed: 667963639

Minecraft Version: Bedrock v1.16.1

Seed: 667963639

Spawn: 736, 4

Village in Clearing Between Snowy Taigas: 578, -321

Village with Ruined Nether Portal and Ravine: 75, -297

Village In Spruce at the Edge of Snowy Taiga: 930, -277

Lone Igloo with Pumpkins: 733, -435

I’ve been looking for a seed like this for a while now. I’ve scoured the internet and I’ve only found requests with no replies or inaccurate replies at best. I was lucky enough to generate this one, so I’m sharing it with you all.