Snowy Swamp

Snowy Swamp

January 17, 2023
Posted by: LW

Minecraft Seed: -937488601

This seed is good for people who like cold biomes and swamps. All of the warm weather biomes in this seed are very lackluster.

This seed is good for building as there is plenty of rocky, grassy, and snowy open space close to spawn. There is alot of mine shafts and geodes in this seed as well. Many of the biomes are pretty close together so you do not have to walk far for each one. (Except for warm climate biomes)

All of these are near spawn point: This seed has a taiga village on a small mountain right next to a swamp biome. A lush cave, large lava lake, several geodes, and an abandoned mine shaft can be found directly under the swamp. The surface of the swamp contains a witch hut and a ruined nether portal. Behind the village’s mountain there is a plains biome and a large and deep cavern. The cavern leads to an abandoned mine shaft.

The 7th image is a shipwreck that is stuck in a glacier at XYZ -1186, 65, -461
Another shipwreck, except fully intact (image 8) at XYZ -1679, 62, -159

The last image is a small mountain that can be found in the swamp. It looks quite weird but with minimal terraforming and getting rid of the weird looking floating blocks, it can be very beautiful.