January 13, 2023
Posted by: Mimiko

Minecraft Seed: 4497159310227845666

This seed is stuffed with HOT biomes! What does that mean? This seed is packed with biomes such as: Taiga, Savannah, Plains, Badlands, Jungles and forests!

This seed is interesting because the plains are sprinkled across the entire map! This stuck out to me the most because I kept getting lost trying to find the plains biome, not knowing that I wasn’t going to find a large area of the plains biome any time soon.

This seed also contains plenty of ravines! it’s IMPOSSIBLE to NOT stumble across at least on ravine in this world. My first experience with this seed was interesting because I didn’t plant a base anywhere because I was searching for my favorite biome, the plains. As I was searching for it, I came across at least 5-6 ravines that entire run, maybe even more.

Set a base in a comfortable place early so you don’t stuff your inventory! I made the mistake of refusing to make a base and now I’m stranded in the badlands with my inventory overflowing with rare items! There’s plenty of villages and ravines EVERYWHERE, so be careful and don’t be like me, lol.

Bedrock 1.18

I don’t have screenshots of everything but I do have screenshots of the ravines I came across when I thought to turn on coordinates and screenshot ravines I stumbled across, (I was a little late to do this, so I don’t have many)

You can also find cold biomes and a few swamps along your way too, but they’re RARE.