Shipwrecked Archipelago

Shipwrecked Archipelago

June 7, 2020
Posted by: Xefros

Minecraft Seed: -6014572629997757461

(Make sure to turn on Large Biomes and Bonus chest to achieve this type of world.)

There are two islands with a river separating them, and the player spawns on the northern island which contains a central lake where the bonus chest may be floating in upon spawn.

Many acres in this island chain is pure beach with a good amount of the central land from both islands seeding not too much but nor too little supplies of wood.

To the south, at the very tip of the southern island is a shipwreck on its side halfway above the water, and to the north of the northern island is also an Ocean temple visible with an 8 chunk render distance.

Northern island also contains a lava lake on the west beach, with an entrance cave near the barrier river that leads to a cave system down below. Pretty fun and interesting way to start a survival world.

The occean is also massive and huge, enticing preparation for a trek if you decide to leave the island you woke up on. Turtles are plentiful and a singular wolf also spawns on the northern island, bonus companion if you’re smart.

Due to the lack of passive mobs aside from one every now and then, fishing or farming in the center of the islands is actually heavily enticed as a means of food production.