Shipwreck + Ravine in a village

Shipwreck + Ravine in a village

May 9, 2019
Posted by: roam

Minecraft Seed: -3789073647281788530

You select Hardcore Survival and start off on a barren island, no trees, you have to swim for it. The only place close enough is a happy little savanna village with a dock facing towards you, welcoming you in.

You quickly discover an old shipwreck in it’s backyard ready to be fixed up. A ravine running under the village that some daring villagers set up farms around.

A little ways inland you discover a desert with a bigger village ready for trading. They set up a seaside town next to a temple they worship. There is still a further surprise a little further out in the desert and some very large looking mountains to the neighbors north.

Do you set up a home, fix the ship, explore the ravine under your feet, grow the village… venture south into the desert or do you set sail for the mountains?