Savanna village surrounded by villages and pillagers

Savanna village surrounded by villages and pillagers

August 4, 2019
Posted by: Hachiseiko

Minecraft Seed: 2345251117713037529

This seed is for Minecraft 1.14.

If you walk right forward from spawn you’ll soon get to a pillager outpost. If you walk the other way and explore the savanna biome past the desert you’ll find a big savanna village. Surrounding that village there are three desert villages, another smaller savanna village and two “normal” plain villages (one is directly south of the savanna village, just outside the map’s border). There’s also a large body of water near the savanna village with three shipwrecks.

There could be WAY more in this seed and I haven’t even looked through items in the villages or treasures from the shipwrecks.

Check the images to see the map I made with Voxelmap. Voxelmap is the only mod I have, no mods that alter how the seed works.