Savanna Mountain

Savanna Mountain

February 8, 2019
Posted by: ScareCrow20

Minecraft Seed: 804939019

Once you spawn, you’re going to want to find the beach just across a small plains biome.

Here, across the ocean, you will notice a huge mountain amidst a savanna. On the other side of this mountain you will find a desert and within it, a desert temple.

Now head to the coast of the desert were you will find not one but two sunken ships both containing good loot and a treasure map which can be found in a small structure just south of the first ship.

Now better yet, further north across the sea, you will find another large mountain and on the other side of this a desert village. Just west of this you will find a bit more desert and a second desert temple. if you head a little south from here you can find A THIRD shipwreck with some more loot.