Plains Village with Ruined Portal

Plains Village with Ruined Portal

May 12, 2022

Minecraft Seed: 5342358204033079962

You spawn in a plains biome, on the corner of a village with a ruined portal.

To the North and West is mountainous plains, then a forest (with a beehive nearing the top of the hill/mountain to the west). If you continue in one of these directions with the forests, you come across a taiga biome then an old growth pine taiga.

Oceans to the East and South.
Head southwest to find a sunken ship wreck sitting above another ruined portal. Not too much further from this, south about 100 blocks, you’ll come across an ocean Monument. With a ship wreck at it’s south west (outside) corner.
Continue south, south-west and you’ll find a geode (bottom of ocean) and a second Ocean Monument