OP Blacksmith Seed

OP Blacksmith Seed

November 10, 2021
Posted by: LeobutAwoken

Minecraft Seed: 770405633(Bedrock Edition)

So I recently was playing Minecraft when I discovered a seed that would change the way I play minecraft. I loaded up the world in Easy difficulty with a starting map and bonus chest,I made a boat and saw an ocean. And at the left corner of the ocean I saw a village with not 1,not 2 not even 3 but 8 BLACKSMITHS!I was in shock that this is a very strange seed. There is a ravine next to the village,the coords of the village are in the picture below. There is also a plains village just another hundred blocks away. I also Indicated where the blacksmiths in the village are by putting Red beds upon their houses.

In the screenshot below, activate the nether portal excatly where I placed it. When you have entered the nether, there are almost all the nether biomes just a few hundred blocks away, you probably spawned in a crimson forest biome.There is a warped forest biome a few blocks away if you go forward, a ruined portal if you go in the opposite direction.

You’ll notice a place where the ghasts and pigmen are just chilling. Go forward and you’ll see a bastion and a nether fortress at the left hand side of the bastion. It may not appear in your render distance but you might see it if you zoom in closer. The only place in the seed that I don’t know is the stronghold.