Most beautiful spawn.

Most beautiful spawn.

February 16, 2021
Posted by: DogeMouse65

Minecraft Seed: 879946053292320185

You spawn in a desert, behind you is a savannah. If you go up to the forest in the distance, you will see that its a flower forest (4 total beehives through out the forest, sorry if I missed some), and if you look up to one of the trees on the mountain you will see a beehive.

You will also see a burried shipwreck, though the terrain generation messed it up a bit. (Free jungle wood)

If you travel more into the desert you spawned in, you will find a desert village behind the mountains. Once you go explore the flower forest, you will find a piece of the desert with a temple with it. (Not burried)

You can explore the rest of the world yourself. 🙂