Mineshaft + geode + dungeon = hell yes!!

Mineshaft + geode + dungeon = hell yes!!

May 24, 2023
Posted by: mac

Minecraft Seed: 6238398618705705792738

Me and my dad were playing Minecraft last night when we found quite the sight! This seed features a mineshaft that cuts through a geode, and has a dungeon built into one of its extremities; a dungeon you can walk straight into at that. All of this is located directly under an above-ground lava pool!

If you dig straight down at coordinates 152, 64, -294, you should land right in the middle of the geode. If you want to find the dungeon from there, look south and head down that corridor to the very end, then turn left. The first hallway leads to the dungeon.

Also, this is a very big mineshaft, so please explore! You might find something i didnt. Keyword: might 😉