Mayan Jungle And Floating Paradise

Mayan Jungle And Floating Paradise

August 25, 2012
Posted by: Razorsharp1296

Minecraft Seed: -638838426828884697

This seed spawns you in a HUGE Jungle biome with a river right in front of a Jungle Temple (spawn coordinates vary by a few blocks every time). Inside the temple there are two chests with lots of goodies: 11 Gold Ingots, 8 Bones, 2 Rotten Flesh, 1 Diamond. There are also a lot of cows in the Jungle that are stuck in the trees. After venturing around 20 blocks away from the Temple, things get weirder – there are randomly placed chests throughout the jungle with pick axes, wood, sticks, etc. When you find the river, look around and you’ll be surrounded by extremely steep mountains with small openings for coal and iron. Follow the river and eventually you’ll get to a massive open area at the edge of the Jungle. This open area is riddled with floating land formations (and lots of sheep on top of them). This is by far my favorite Minecraft seed.

Here are the Coordinates:
X: between -169 and -175
Y: between 70 and 76
Z: between 210 and 215
(Warning – sometimes spawn is under water, be prepared to float!)

Minecraft version 1.3.2