Lucky seed

Lucky seed

November 10, 2021
Posted by: Miinmiin yurichi

Minecraft Seed: 170120262108247102

All the structures are located a few dozen blocks apart if you turn on the creation and soar at an altitude of 118.98652 with the vial looking in the dark.

Monument(1): -1920 ~ 1040
Monument(2): -1771 55.00 814.72
Shipwreck(1): -2124.300 41 683.550000
Portal: -1913 34.00 860.85
Desert pyramid: -944 ~ 1024
At an altitude of 144,056 you will see two villages!

*it is close together within range of a few dozen blocks and make sure you are using vials that look in the dark, If you find out more, you’ll see there are a lot of other buildings that I can’t tell you all about.*