Just like Christmas

Just like Christmas

December 29, 2019
Posted by: p4ssion

Minecraft Seed: 6677165106931227848

1. Spawn at a pillager outpost which you don’t have to find one yourself.

2. Within 300 blocks radius, there are two villages.

3. One of the village centered itself to a nether portal next to a blaze spawner, but safe as the spawner surrounded by walls and fences.
(As for which village that will leave the adventure for you to find out)

4. The nearest End Portal can be easily reached by just walk over the Fortress in Nether.

5. And for that specific village, there is a slime chuck right next to it (real close)

6. A mineshaft if you dig down near that village.

7. And I can see a witch hut located x & z 500 blocks away from the village

I think this seed is quite lovely as all the important resources can be easily reached, Slimes, Fortress&Blazes, Pillagers, Witches, End Portal…