Ice spikes

Ice spikes

March 28, 2023

Minecraft Seed: -6338382839530707214

Right at spawn there is a single tree with a tundra village nearby completely surrounded by ice spikes. Next to the village is a lava pool to go into nether.

In the nether you spawn in a nether wastes next to a crimson forest, soul sand valley and a basalt delta. The blaze spawner is at 58 61 -165. The nearest bastion is pretty far away, so I recommend trading in the nether wastes or the crimson forest for ender pearls.

Once back in the overworld, the end portal is at -1071 -7 1322 under a village. The portal is a 0 eye, so bring 12 with you. (If you spawn near 0 0, the village is near -140 160 otherwise you should spawn near the tree at -82 162)