Huge Jungle spawn in Java 1.16.5

Huge Jungle spawn in Java 1.16.5

May 16, 2021
Posted by: Vk

Minecraft Seed: 5020703

So this seeds spawns you in a big Jungle, if you wanna do a jungle survival run this is a good seed I think. I counted at least 5 jungle temples while I was going around the edge of the biome, and one is fairly close to spawn (seen in one of my pictures).

There are loads of bamboo areas and since it’s a big jungle it has a lot of different biomes bordering it, including:
Savanna, Desert, Forests, Mountains, Taiga forest, (frozen) Ocean.

I didn’t explore too much of this as I mostly found the jungle to be an interesting spawn for jungle enthusiasts 🙂

All pics are from above spawn