Hot Biome Explosion

Hot Biome Explosion

December 5, 2021
Posted by: AziNoctis

Minecraft Seed: -2749937295293073206

Spawn on the coast of a river between a half Jungle, half Bamboo Forest that’s above a lush cave system and a dry biome that constantly switches between Wooded Badlands, Desert, and Savanna.

A short jog across the Desert leads to a large Warm Ocean. Into the Wooded Badlands is an exposed mineshaft with a number of spawners and lots of treasure.

A days walk through the Jungle leads to a larger Savanna followed by a plains biome that are simply filled with exposed caves, ravines, and horses.

Heading further north-northeast, a determined explorer will find a small Beach, Sunflower Plains, Meadow, and Snowy Slopes/Frozen Peaks village. Towns exist in both directions and a Pillager Outpost is just far enough east following the river to be out of sight.

If your goal is to dive into the unique biomes 1.18 and recent updates have to offer, this is your seed.