Gifted Village (Java)

Gifted Village (Java)

July 27, 2021
Posted by: iiCatGamer

Minecraft Seed: -143060717467745574

When you spawn, right next to you is a village waiting to be looted. There aren’t any blacksmiths but it has a lot of beds.

There is a swamp nearby, a roofed forest, and a savannah biome. There is also a nearby cave with a lot of iron near the entrance.

Decent for set seed speedruns if you want a challenge. Also I forgot to mention the fact that there are mountains nearby with snow which contain spruce trees.

There’s also a birch forest, an ocean, with a lava pool nearby, and a desert with a desert temple.

There is also an abandoned mineshaft right below you with diamonds. The cords are: x-221 y11 z119.

Finally, you can find a zombie spawner at -186 43 129.