Fortune V Seed

Fortune V Seed

January 13, 2023
Posted by: Yalazion

Minecraft Seed: -1636561517

This seed has it all: close biomes, a temple near spawn as well as a ruined portal near spawn that only needs 2 obsidian to repair. Prepare yourself before entering the nether because once you’re in the nether you load in right next to a mega fortress to the north. However blazes are only part of the experience: to the south of the portal is a mega bastian within less than 50-100 blocks away. You can see the fortress and the bastian at the same time.

If the nether is not your cup of tea we also have a monument not too far from spawn. We also have many ruined portals, temples, and Maza mineshafts for days. We also have lots of top level ores just waiting to be picked. Diamonds are not as easy to find but you can find a zombie decked out in diamond that you can drown.

Do ores not tickle your fancy? Well we have 2 fortresses within 1000 blocks of each other so you have your pick of the litter. One is next to a pyramid with a mine shaft, the other is easier to find the portal room.

And don’t worry about having to fumble through all sorts of maps. To have all of this all you need is one 4×4 map