Flower Island

Flower Island

June 25, 2020
Posted by: ItsTacoCraft2077

Minecraft Seed: 8915849700870136489

You will spawn on a island with a flower forest surrounded by a massive beach. When you do spawn, if you look/walk towards the most northern tip of the island, you will discover a ship wreck.

On the East side of the flower forest, there seems to be a nice little starter shelter if you use the ship wreck to your advantage.

Around the corner from that towards the South, you’ll find what seems to be a vertical cave entrance. Once again you can use the ships’ wood to build a ladder down.

Island could be used a roleplay, eg. – You fell asleep at sea on your ship, a storm pushed you off course during your sleep. You wake up, but not on your bed, it seems to be sand, you look around and you see your ship drilled into the sand on the beach. You go to retreive your items and then say to yourself “If I want to live, I gotta find something to eat and some shelter”.

So now you set off to convert the island to your hunting ground, and home…