Easy Loot (6x Diamonds)

Easy Loot (6x Diamonds)

February 20, 2019
Posted by: R1Psycho

Minecraft Seed: -6260523400332028873

The seed is good for the starters and gives you fast access to the Nether world! There are village and desert pyramid close together near the spawn, just look on your left when you enter into the game. Here’s the list on where you can look in this seed.

Village: near the spawn. (Blacksmith gives out 5 irons, 5 breads, and iron pickaxe.)

First Desert Pyramid: right next to the village. (There are 6 diamonds in a single chest!)

Lava Pool: between the pyramids. (You can make a bucket and dump water on lava for easy obsidians.)

Second Desert Pyramid: -166 66 110 (Decent loots, there is ravine below the second pyramid. Use the explosion trap after you loot, because it will open up the path leads you to Mineshaft at the bottom.) (Get to the safety after you denote the trap.)

Monument: -275 66 615 (Travel south of Second Desert Pyramid.)

Shipwreck: -395 40 355 (It is better to explore around the Monument for buried treasure. Nothing much near the spawn.)

Mineshaft/Cave Spider Spawner: 155 26 255 (You can either mine near the spawn or use the tip that I mentioned in Second Desert Pyramid hint.)

Feel free to check this awesome seed out! Have fun and stay safe!