Dripstone valley

Dripstone valley

January 25, 2023
Posted by: DiamondMinerAP

Minecraft Seed: 5051507709883718234

Bedrock seed!
Dive into this seed! With a deep dark biome and ancient city (-280, -41, -216) about 300 blocks away from spawn and a magical dripstone valley (99, 63, -17) were you can find yourself an Axolotl in the lush caves that are scattered on both sides of the valley we are sure that you will enjoy this seed. You could build yourself a house with any of the 5 local wood types (Dark oak; oak (can be found in the dark oak biome); birch (can be found in the dark oak biome); jungle or spruce) or invite your friends to play on this breath taking seed with you and explore the many features of this world.

Once again I must say that it is a bedrock seed. I havn’t tried it in java because it took to long to load but you can try I guess.

Have fun Playing!