Double Trouble Mania

Double Trouble Mania

June 24, 2021
Posted by: ScarFace404

Minecraft Seed: -1680244151

This seed has 11 loot bearing structures, 4 ravines, and 1 ship wreck that has been intersected by a geode. All near by spawn.

Coordinates: 69, 63,1
You spawn between two biomes, otherwise it is not very special

Desert Temple:
Coordinates: 90,75,73
Despite being right next to spawn it is difficult to see due to a few trees being in the way.

First Ruined Portal:
Coordinates: 180,75,1
It is hidden in a forest and it is difficult to see despite it’s close proximity to spawn, I missed it on my first pass through.

First Desert Village:
Coordinates: 54, 75,510
This desert village has a blacksmith and has hay bales for days. It also has an abnormally large cactus which stands at 5 blocks tall.

Second Desert Village:
Coordinates: -287,75,596
This one doesn’t have a blacksmith but has a few other houses with chests.

Pillager Outpost:
Coordinates: -571, 91,583
This pillager outpost is very close to the second desert village, which can be helpful if you want to start a raid.

Abandoned Village:
Coordinates: -660, 85, 577
This abandoned village is right next to the pillager outpost, wonder why it is abandoned.

Second Ruined Portal:
Coordinates:-575, 73,737
This ruined portal is mostly buried, only a few pieces of obsidian and a gold block are sticking out of the sand. It is right between the pillager outpost and the second desert village.It is very easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it.

First ravine:

Second ravine:-118,87,331

Third ravine: -109, 50, -46

Fourth ravine: -71, 64, -101

Underwater Ruins: -338,54,-351

Shipwreck that is intersected by Geode:
Coordinates: -266, 59,-299
Sadly there is no loot here because of the geode.

Third desert village:
Coordinates: -833,88,936
It looks very similar to the first desert village, I initially thought that I had made a giant circle until I checked the coordinates. It has a blacksmith.

Second Desert Temple:
Coordinates:-740, 88,1150

Fourth Village:
Coordinates: -649,88,1365
This village has a very interesting generation and it is home to a cleric, useful for the trades.

There may be more to the seed but this is what can be seen at first glance.