Badlands/Desert/Exposed Spawner and more

Badlands/Desert/Exposed Spawner and more

January 30, 2022
Posted by: Abyssal

Minecraft Seed: -8492922430443022459

As soon as the world loads in, there’s a large desert. A few blocks away, it connects into a Badlands biome, then there is an Exposed Cave Spider spawner in that badlands biome, not too far from Spawn, at X: 309 Z: 412.

Also there is a Desert Village near that Spawner, at X: 312 Z: 661, and a ruined portal in that same village as well.

A tiny “Lukewarm Ocean” Biome not more than 15 by 15 blocks, and lastly, there is an Ocean Monument at X: 623 and Z: -735

Oh! And an oddly shaped “Circle” at X: 369 Z: -375