Amazing Cave System And Emerald Ore

Amazing Cave System And Emerald Ore

October 2, 2012
Posted by: Crash_shandicoot

Minecraft Seed: 1771749481093539701

This seed has a ravine on the edge of a desert and tundra biome. At the end there is another underground ravine where you’ll find an intensive cave system, with dungeons and mineable emerald ore!

Coordinates for the ravine:
X:139, Y: 69, Z:88

Coordinates for emerald (if needed!):
X:87, Y:13, Z:154
X:97, Y:18, Z:145
X:96, Y:19, Z:168
X:76, Y:13, Z:156
X:151, Y:19, Z:187
X:62, Y:28, Z:170
X:76, Y:26, Z:157

And there’s probably a lot more, good luck!