November 10, 2021
Posted by: lawsonraptor

Minecraft Seed: 172079987614984971

If you generate this seed in your world then type /tp -959 88 -431 you will teleport into a village on a savanna island.

There is a shipwreck with a map to a buried treasure. If you fill the whole map it will show the village on it.

There’s also a ruined portal under water. It’s very big and hard to light it, but if you do, it it will take you to a warped forest.

I will make it easier for you to speed run by telling you that the end portal is at -1222 45 -2039. You won’t need to build when you enter the end but you can make easy parkour jumps

In the End at 1306 62 -316, you will find an end city with one room with the ceiling of a pillar as the floor.