July 13, 2020
Posted by: anonymous

Minecraft Seed: -1615032098

You spawn next to a desert temple that contains lots of loot: saddles, gunpowder, diamonds,etc.

There is a village in a plains biome ,which is next to a large coral reef filled with shipwrecks and ruins.

This seed also has a ruined portal nearby with gold blocks and tools and some crying obsidian for your respawn anchor too. There is also a pillager outpost nearby.

Venture out a bit and you will find a badlands biome with lots of gold and mineshafts.

Requirements: v1.16+ Disclaimer: depending on version, some structures may be missing, so if you are on snapshot, then you might get the pillager outpost and not the ruined portal. Any version above the 20w21a snapshot might get ruined portal.