1.19 Savanna Sandwich

1.19 Savanna Sandwich

January 17, 2023
Posted by: Velzar

Minecraft Seed: 7860647109203205339

1.19 My new hardcore world. Specially check the minimap in the screenshots.

You spawn in a sandwich of small three biomes north Plains, middle Savanna, South Desert.
Ocean with reefs and kelp to the East and a Forest to the West.

It’s kinda a small peninsula.

Very close Northwest you have a village with a CHURCH and a brewing stand. Also a small biome of JUNGLE. It’s like a stripe in the middle of the plains. As you can check in the minimap.

Close too Southeast very close to the desert coast there is a MUSHROOM island. You can check in the picture you still can see the desert and the savanna in the minimap.

I think is perfect because you have a little bit of everything without travelling so much.