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Minecraft Seed -28090936150918956

Crazy amount of villages and temples
Seed: -28090936150918956
Posted by DarkAM

One picture is worth a thousand words. Let's get to the main point: - many biomes nearby - many villages nearby...

Minecraft Seed -627824354246690738

Seed: -627824354246690738
Posted by Yblocks

This 1.7.2 seed has at (x)170 (y)66 (z)622 a jungle temple with 3 diamonds, 11 gold ingots, 4 iron ingots, an enchanted...

Minecraft Seed 1413205526

Epic Rollercoaster Village
Seed: 1413205526
Posted by Wolfy

An epic village either with an automatic rollercoaster or an empty space around the village perfect for building a...

Minecraft Seed -459836918093616833

Seed: -459836918093616833
Posted by EpicStardust123

A seed that ocean lovers will love! This seed spawns you on an island right next to an ocean monument! If you do not...

Minecraft Seed -1408448793220679396

Seed: -1408448793220679396
Posted by imapro123

This is a seed that have village, dungeon, and desert temple. You have to teleport yourself to 845 100 121 and change...

Minecraft Seed 95432

Seed: 95432
Posted by SnakeEater

While at first it looks like an ordinary world, you soon discover that there's a lot more underneath. There's a hidden...

Minecraft Seed ivemecookies

the kind is 11.1
Seed: ivemecookies
Posted by zoey

It has a cool cave

Minecraft Seed 1632932783

The Ultimate Mining & Food Seed
Seed: 1632932783
Posted by PolarProblems

This is a seed that just spawns you near like a million cows and an awesome ravine right next to the spawn :D. P.S....

Minecraft Seed 2513709692913728044

The Sphinx
Seed: 2513709692913728044
Posted by Jintou

You start right next to a rock formation that looks a lot like the Sphinx, in a plain biome. There's a village in a...