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Minecraft Seed -320926324685902345

Zombie village
Seed: -320926324685902345
Posted by princelypunk

Spawn in the middle of an acacia village at the waters edge... but there are no villagers, only zombies! This is in...

Minecraft Seed 1917775778225924635

Seed: 1917775778225924635
Posted by atchou69

Village with extreme hills with waterfalls and islands with lava falls. Very very beautiful.

Minecraft Seed -4090618277788090875

Seed: -4090618277788090875
Posted by atchou69

Village in Messa with Border forest. Rare find with many caves and underground ravines access by village, gold,...

Minecraft Seed WORLD 0

1.10 Survival Island Large Biome
Seed: WORLD 0
Posted by Whiskey Wanker

Note: Must put large biomes on. A small island with one tree and some grass in the middle of the ocean, pray that you...

Minecraft Seed 6829293284268206297

Lots of stuff
Seed: 6829293284268206297
Posted by Jakebagel64

I just opened up a creative world, and I spawned in a village! After exploring the general area, (you will have to go...

Minecraft Seed 5119515213927157496

Ice Spikes at Spawn
Seed: 5119515213927157496
Posted by SCAgamer

This is a seed where you spawn next to a rare Ice Spikes biome.

Minecraft Seed Cargeth

2 villages by spawn
Seed: Cargeth
Posted by Tinsely~pear~66

There are 2 villages next to the spawn, with 1 blacksmith and a good home for survival.

Minecraft Seed Mine

Secret about the temple
Seed: Mine
Posted by Tinsely~pear~66

You spawn right by a huge forest and a temple, but if you go in the temple and dig the purple block you will find a...

Minecraft Seed 7046260945803993572

Seed: 7046260945803993572
Posted by Amydiamonds

Look at this amazing naturally spawn beach lava river! Version:1.10.2