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Minecraft Seed walruswalruswalrus

Seed: walruswalruswalrus
Posted by hloy1130

You spwan in a blacksmithing village, and at the start there is a chest full of iron a diamonds

Minecraft Seed 8439875400

Seed: 8439875400
Posted by lols

Nice tiny survival island

Minecraft Seed givemeahouse

Seed: givemeahouse
Posted by Potsticka16

Mushroom Islands to the right about 20 blocks from spawn

Minecraft Seed sand

This seed has a HUGE desert
Seed: sand
Posted by CuddlyCactus

This seed has a huge desert directly south of your spawn.

Minecraft Seed this was not in the brochure!

Sjoerd Haring
Seed: this was not in the brochure!
Posted by Getsome

A large world completely covered in snow. You spawn really close to a huge dungeon with lava, gold, iron, coal and all.

Minecraft Seed cj3636

Seed: cj3636
Posted by cj3636

This world spawns you a few blocks away from a HUGE cave with tons of ore and waterfalls.

Minecraft Seed minecraft

Seed: minecraft
Posted by Bobby Joe jimbob

This seed makes you spawn near wolfs and keeps spawning more wolfs next to you

Minecraft Seed [F4N]

Seed: [F4N]
Posted by f4n.netai.net

I used my clan tag name and the seed that appeared was damn awesome. I'm not posting any screens. Explore it...

Minecraft Seed zombies are not real

Zombies are not real
Seed: zombies are not real
Posted by WallaceMerrett

Flat land with some trees, sorry.