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Minecraft Seed gumgumpistol

wolf pack at start
Seed: gumgumpistol
Posted by applesaucemidget

A game glitch starts you off with like 20 wolves around you, and they follow you even though they aren't tamed. Yes,...

Minecraft Seed ocelot

Seed: ocelot
Posted by greywolf3

This spawns you in the middle of a huge jungle!

Minecraft Seed little red riding hood

Seed: little red riding hood
Posted by nobdy

This seed goes from sea to forest to a huge cliff with a huge over hang with tons of caves and cows.

Minecraft Seed diamonds!!!

Ore frenzy
Seed: diamonds!!!
Posted by Albin

At first glance you seem to spawn on a tiny little island close to a lot of other small islands. However, hidden...

Minecraft Seed 1672184498917379323

The jungle villlage
Seed: 1672184498917379323
Posted by Albin

Spawns you near a village next to a colossal jungle biome. It has a brilliant ore supply. In the blacksmith's chest you...

Minecraft Seed -2232213734733164722

Seed: -2232213734733164722
Posted by Mularj

This seep pwns because of 3 things: there is a village at the spawn, there are tons of pigs and.... 2 PINK...

Minecraft Seed lostlostlost

Seed: lostlostlost
Posted by mr epic

This spawns you near a village, but you have to wait for it to load to see it. There are also a lot of animals

Minecraft Seed Dovahkiin

Seed: Dovahkiin
Posted by imdadog

This seed spawns you in a forest. There is a desert nearby and an NPC Village with some Diamonds in a chest in one of...

Minecraft Seed 48736324623535237

Seed: 48736324623535237
Posted by garedy

The castle world