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Minecraft Seed 947838982569049993

Seed: 947838982569049993
Posted by TheVoidWithin

A breathtaking seed which spawns right in the middle of a snowy world, surrounded by high-altitude mountains which are...

Minecraft Seed deserttemple2

Seed: deserttemple2
Posted by rayquaza89

Spawns you near a plain biome. If you explore, you will find a desert village. On the left side, there is a desert...

Minecraft Seed i want a village

Seed: i want a village
Posted by GravityPie

This is a awesome seed. This seed is a double ravine with a lot of caves connected to it. There is 24 diamonds and 17...

Minecraft Seed 700130125

Seed: 700130125
Posted by orshal4

You spawn on a island w/ another one near you! Perfect for adventure map making or survival.

Minecraft Seed -1433999714

Seed: -1433999714
Posted by malice733

Hello all you CLAY lovers, try this seed out. Your jaw. Will drop. Past bedrock. And into some random abyss. The...

Minecraft Seed survival island please?

Seed: survival island please?
Posted by malice733

The best survival island seed i have seen for xbox edition. Has: 1 tree, 1 small stack of sugar cane, 2-3 small water...

Minecraft Seed Herobrine Was Here

Seed: Herobrine Was Here
Posted by malice733

Large flat areas all around the map. One is at X:124 Y:73 Z:-6 XBOX EDITION 1.7.3

Minecraft Seed malice733

Seed: malice733
Posted by malice733

REALLY large flat area in the bottom right hand corner. Note: all my seeds are for minecraft XBOX EDITION 1.7.3

Minecraft Seed cocobar

Duncan3242's Jungle 2
Seed: cocobar
Posted by Duncan3242

You spawn on a mountain by the smallest forest biome ever, and you'll probably see a Jungle ahead. And in the picture...