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Minecraft Seed -1738069569

Forest with a big Lake
Seed: -1738069569
Posted by TheRealFluxery

The seed is a huge forest with a big lake going through it with some small mountains here and there.

Minecraft Seed -7631448613414097023

Not-so empty Desert
Seed: -7631448613414097023
Posted by Dirty Shisno

Awesome seed! I found: 3x Villages (656 68 92)(335 65 140)(-213 64 -41) 4x Temples (330 71 314)(521 73 26)(858 74...

Minecraft Seed -4252708718610307890

Double Village
Seed: -4252708718610307890
Posted by crestedbarley27

Spawns you right in the middle of two large villages, both containing blacksmiths.

Minecraft Seed ipeedonititsmine

Seed: ipeedonititsmine
Posted by AntiveninAngel

Spawns in a mega Taiga, for 1.11

Minecraft Seed 8284656377659266460

Seed: 8284656377659266460
Posted by SeedMiner

A great world to explore! It has a roofed forest which is perfect to wander around at night to get a good chill, and,...

Minecraft Seed -1129078060

Village in Beautiful Setting
Seed: -1129078060
Posted by XxDeadNWalkingxX

I'm using 1.10.2, so I don't know how many versions it works in, so I apologize for that! Spawn very close to a large...

Minecraft Seed -985834130846846163

5 biomes at spawn
Seed: -985834130846846163
Posted by girlofthegame

This seed spawns you in a Plains biome, with a Desert, Savannah, Forest and Jungle within 200 blocks.

Minecraft Seed Jonny appleseed

Seed: Jonny appleseed
Posted by 201255

This is a perfect survival island seed. You spawn near a tree,and once you mine it, turn around and you will find a...

Minecraft Seed 829839839839333

Travel Paradise
Seed: 829839839839333
Posted by GgGigaTroller

Hi traveler! If you're searching for a super travel in the Minecraft world, you've just chosen the correct seed. First...