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Minecraft Seed samsunggalaxy

Seed: samsunggalaxy
Posted by Thefireset

This seed is awesome! Just 50 blocks from spawn, there is a pyramid! In the same jungle, there are 2 jungle temples! I...

Minecraft Seed 547890215500

Crazy Big Hills!!!!!!
Seed: 547890215500
Posted by MinecraftPro

This is a great seed for all of your minecraft lovers! This is at X=298 Y=65 Z=329 And you're going to love this seed....

Minecraft Seed gimme a mommy sandwitch

Misspelling sandwich gives u a witch!!
Seed: gimme a mommy sandwitch
Posted by MrLollies

I accidentally misspelled sandwitch and it gave me a witch hut with a witch right near spawn! There is also a HUGE...

Minecraft Seed -6955019099781801848

Villager Pyramide 1.4.7
Seed: -6955019099781801848
Posted by _delp_

A villager town with a near Pyramide. Coordinats of Picture 1 : x: -257 z: -161

Minecraft Seed 7019129903613633966

Ruins Abound
Seed: 7019129903613633966
Posted by ArtyButt

Spawn just North of a large NPC village, and west of a Jungle Temple. Lots of desert and several lava lakes. Didn't...

Minecraft Seed heros luckiness

the best hero seed yet!
Seed: heros luckiness
Posted by Ninja0_o

If you want lots of biomes, this is definitley a seed for you. There's a desert, extreme hills, forest and snow all...

Minecraft Seed Jibed 3454

Seed: Jibed 3454
Posted by Teeny burrito0

Big tree house and a cave with diamonds in it a strong hold next to a skeleton mob spawner.

Minecraft Seed Vinnville

Broken World
Seed: Vinnville
Posted by wmccune30

Near the spawn is a major world gen error that has a cliff with exposed coal and a perfect rectangular river beneath.

Minecraft Seed heros incantations

another hero seed!
Seed: heros incantations
Posted by Ninja0_o

another superflat hero seed! this time, customize superflat to desert! you spawn around x:363 z:304 ish, most of the...