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Minecraft Seed givemeapony

Seed: givemeapony
Posted by true_legend8

This is a pretty normal seed that consists of an island with one tree. There are also some pockets of stone that...

Minecraft Seed lolipop

Epic spawner/survival island
Seed: lolipop
Posted by true_legend8

This seed spawns you on an island with two trees. There is no land around. Not only an awesome island, there is also...

Minecraft Seed Metroid Prime 3 Rundas

Great Mining and Farming Seed
Seed: Metroid Prime 3 Rundas
Posted by Samus959

This seed has some wicked mountains! And plenty of animals, and lots of exposed ores and mining spots with great...

Minecraft Seed 110813

cool caves and a ravine
Seed: 110813
Posted by evilsteve

This seed has cool caves and an underground ravine close to the surface. In one of them i found 4 diamonds! Now I...

Minecraft Seed -542147323

Best Survival Island
Seed: -542147323
Posted by HomeBoy10

A great survival island seed. If you can live on this on hardcore for ten minecraft days, you are pretty much god. JK

Minecraft Seed v

Canyon World
Seed: v
Posted by ljsibole@gmail.com

It's a giant canyon with many caves, hills, and deserts. My brother and I found this seed for pocket edition.

Minecraft Seed pokemon

Seed: pokemon
Posted by bjhovey

Spawn in a jungle next to a big lake. There's also a small taiga and pigs nearby. Therefore, there is ice in the lake...

Minecraft Seed -5629377744822996597

Seed: -5629377744822996597
Posted by netherknight666

You will spawn in the forest with many pigs and cows. This map has floating islands above the river with cows and few...

Minecraft Seed 8161999

Seed: 8161999
Posted by greenthum

This seed is at first a big open space, but if you go to the ocean, you'lll find two islands. Just keep on going and...