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Minecraft Seed CN3K

Seed: CN3K
Posted by chucknorris3000

Just as a test, I plugged in my soundcloud name as my seed. It spawns you DIRECTLY NEXT TO A JUNGLE TEMPLE. Within...

Minecraft Seed 30SecondsToMars

Miguel Grajeda
Seed: 30SecondsToMars
Posted by FeINT_2_AsPire

Massive overhangs and mountains, a few lakes, and small ponds usable in PE, unsure about PC

Minecraft Seed 109407671

Seed: 109407671
Posted by everybudderhasitsflavor

Go to x:297.7000 y:38.000 z230.35957 and dig down in desert biome. You will find a chest that has 9 iron and 5 lapis...

Minecraft Seed qwop

Village w/ blacksmith
Seed: qwop
Posted by true_legend8

You spawn in a village on a plains. The village has a blacksmith and since its on a plains, there might be horses! I'm...

Minecraft Seed 6341279085820911866

This Seed Spawns You IN A Village
Seed: 6341279085820911866
Posted by joshissac

This Seed literally spawns you on the roof of a house in a village. Seed is for MC 1.5.2

Minecraft Seed desert temple

Arthur Caron
Seed: desert temple
Posted by funnydog890

Spawn near a temple and a village with a blacksmith. The temple has diamonds, bones, rotten flesh, iron ingots, and...

Minecraft Seed dumbcow

Seed: dumbcow
Posted by nuke

Lots of caves and spawners

Minecraft Seed -3713462809477684438

Seed: -3713462809477684438
Posted by zack2446

At x:112 y:68 z:330, there is a desert village with only a blacksmith, farm, and a well. The blacksmith has 1 iron...

Minecraft Seed -7555088704316963702

5 Ravines
Seed: -7555088704316963702
Posted by BabyGirl25

The seed has a total of 5 ravines. You spawn not too far from a waterfall. If you head towards the waterfall there is a...