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Minecraft Seed 629204784141752326

Great Island spawn seed. W/ Trees
Seed: 629204784141752326
Posted by Gatewayuser200

A small island half of which is covered with trees. Others islands exist but are fairly far. Map is zoomed out...

Minecraft Seed Elbows

Village and end portal
Seed: Elbows
Posted by Jeterjrgirl

This world has a village and an end portal!Go forward and slightly left to get to the village. To find the end...

Minecraft Seed yogtowers

Yogcast Seed
Seed: yogtowers
Posted by Cobwebster

This seed spawns you in the middle of the ocean with very small islands, some provide you with trees and food and...

Minecraft Seed -909549689655136654

Vilage at Spawn+Ravine With Lots of Iron
Seed: -909549689655136654
Posted by _Warray_

This spanw is near a desert, taiga and plain biomes.

Minecraft Seed life is unfair!so deal with it!

Seed: life is unfair!so deal with it!
Posted by Djfraser1211

Cool seed

Minecraft Seed 2447840193895743095

Seed: 2447840193895743095
Posted by Theminecraftking

HUGE VILLAGER HOUSE! 80 blocks tall *amplified only* Seed:2447840193895743095 Cords:X: 280 / Y: 180 / Z: 280

Minecraft Seed -874825551401

mushroom plus under sea temple
Seed: -874825551401
Posted by flowernet

You spawn on a small island not far from a forest island and a mushroom island. There is also a sea temple (1.8) right...

Minecraft Seed -420764414

Diamond horse armor village+saddle!
Seed: -420764414
Posted by Raja Gotyal

Village with Diamond Horse armor in the blacksmiths chest! A sand Temple+Villlage with 5 diamonds and a saddle near...

Minecraft Seed 5112222190495377451

Spawn near Blacksmith's house
Seed: 5112222190495377451
Posted by Dana

Good seed which spawns near a blacksmith's house. There are two desert villages with desert temples in a big desert....