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E3: Minecraft Hololens

Posted on June 18, 2015

A new way to experience Minecraft is coming for its millions of players.

Microsoft has shown off their new Hololens at E3 in Los Angeles, and demonstrated its potential with Minecraft.

E3 Minecraft Hololens

The Minecraft Brand Director, Lydia Winters announced that a new version of Minecraft has been built especially for Hololens, which allows wearers to play Minecraft on any surface. The new Hololens allows players to display the game virtually anywhere.

During the E3 event, Microsoft showed a Minecraft city being manipulated on top of a coffee table by a player wearing the Hololens. Using his voice and hand gestures, the player could change the view, zoom in and out, and manipulate certain elements within the game such as detonate a TNT block.

Microsoft hasn't said when the Hololens will be released, nor how much it will cost, but Minecraft players will no doubt get more details at MineCon in July.

If you missed the Minecraft E3 Hololens demonstration, check the video below: