minecraft seed

Minecraft Seeds FAQ

What is a Minecraft Seed ?

A seed is a sequence of random characters, used to generate a minecraft map. Every different Minecraft map has a unique seed.

Seeds can be used to generate specific worlds. One seed always generate the exact same world. The only difference is the spawn point, which can sometimes vary.

How do I find my current world Seed ?

To find a seed of one of your world, you can use this useful tool : http://mc.42nex.us.

You will need to provide the level.dat file corresponding to the world you want to find the seed.
You can usually find it by using this path : C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves, then by opening the folder corresponding to your world.

How do coordinates work ?

First of all, to show the coordinates in-game, you must press the F3 key.
This will show the debug screen, with your current coordinates.

  • The X-axis corresponds to the north-south axis, with one's coordinates decreasing as one travels north and increasing as one travels south.
  • The Z-axis corresponds to the west-east axis, with one's coordinates decreasing as one travels further east.
  • The Y-axis corresponds to the up-down axis, with coordinates increasing as one climbs higher in the world.