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Minecraft Seed village pls

Seed: village pls
Posted by lorsherobrine11

There is a vilage and a secret cave with an end portal.

Minecraft Seed 55

ice spike plane at spawn
Seed: 55
Posted by hayn3

This seed has ice spikes by spawn, and more far away.

Minecraft Seed Horses eat Grass

Seed: Horses eat Grass
Posted by Minecraftseed

This world has so many different terrains its insane, also there are a bunch of animals (cows mainly and sheep). Also,...

Minecraft Seed Diamond Seed

48+ Diamond Seed!!!
Seed: Diamond Seed
Posted by Jeterjrgirl

Dig down right under the spawn and you'll find LOTS and LOTS of diamonds! More than 48, enough to get a full diamond...

Minecraft Seed tete

The African dessert
Seed: tete
Posted by pvp_girl_0906

When you first spawn you will see a tall weed then fly up and there will be a desert biome. Explore and you will find...

Minecraft Seed great great

The valley
Seed: great great
Posted by Libby0906

When you first spawn you will see a cave. Fly up, turn left, there will be hills over hangs and when you go down that...

Minecraft Seed utopias

Seed: utopias
Posted by z115

Edge of forest spawn, with a weird island to your left. If you sail to the left you will find swamp with a witche's hut.

Minecraft Seed lake

Seed: lake
Posted by Cciisawesome

Pumpkins near spawn, deep under spawn is a cave with all ores and lava

Minecraft Seed botanest

Seed: botanest
Posted by IggyBug3

Terrific seed with millions (literally) of mountains. I would estimate the spawn point is pretty close to as high as...