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Minecraft Seed 55555ro

Largest Redwood Forest EVER
Seed: 55555ro
Posted by sawfist

This seed spawns you in a large redwood forest in 1.0. There is a nearby desert and mountain, so you'll be diggin' up...

Minecraft Seed adrian

John Doe
Seed: adrian
Posted by 123adrin

It spawns you on a beach

Minecraft Seed 3522692

Seed: 3522692
Posted by CARcar569

This seed spawns you near a jungle !

Minecraft Seed 1/0

Seed: 1/0
Posted by Asmodous

You often start right next to a big tree, there's some mountains with a floating island right next to you and there's...

Minecraft Seed shit

Seed: shit
Posted by carel13

Huge caves, lots of water, stone, diamonds and lava pits that go all the way down to the bed rock, and huge underground...

Minecraft Seed Valve

Seed: Valve
Posted by TheMajester

At x = -140 and z = 214, there are 3 ravines intersecting each other. This creates a tunnel which goes to around layer...

Minecraft Seed 9185346374415593600

Seed: 9185346374415593600
Posted by TaylorTucker

Big mineshaft near the spawn, with a lava and water pit also near it. Works in Version 1.1

Minecraft Seed givemecookies

Seed: givemecookies

You spawn in an npc village's garden!

Minecraft Seed city

Seed: city
Posted by coolmann333

You must the seed in flatmap. You spawn in a npc village