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Latest Minecraft Seeds

Minecraft Seed sheep

Seed: sheep
Posted by scarylemon

You spawn in a snowy forest next to a herd of sheep.

Minecraft Seed Hugh

Hugh Tamlin
Seed: Hugh
Posted by Nazizombies222

You spawn between a huge hill and some large mountains.

Minecraft Seed WhatDahFock

Seed: WhatDahFock
Posted by minermatthew

This seed has 3 biomes really close to each other, and the coolest place to live !

Minecraft Seed Sprite

Seed: Sprite
Posted by EPICdude49

You spawn on an island with one tree sugar cane and lots of clay in the water. There's also a cave 10 blocks under...

Minecraft Seed skrillex

Seed: skrillex
Posted by geodude62

Dig down and there is an abandoned mine shaft and an iron pick in the chest. You have to dig down from exactly wher you...

Minecraft Seed i dont know

Seed: i dont know
Posted by MinecraftoverCOD

This spawns you in the middle of a mushroom biome and a jungle.

Minecraft Seed bobsback

my bunch of islands
Seed: bobsback
Posted by lbanksy

This seed spawns you at a peek. Walk to the edge and look to the right and the islands will appear

Minecraft Seed walrus walrus walrus

Seed: walrus walrus walrus
Posted by TACOTIME100

This seed only works on flat land, and makes you spawn in a village.

Minecraft Seed village

lava pool
Seed: village
Posted by p0op0o12345

You spawn near a jungle and a lava pool.